Turing test for Augmented Intelligence

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This weekend, while many of us were enjoying the Pentecost holidays, chatterbot Eugene Goostman became the first computer program to pass the famous Turing test. The team of Russian computer scientists led by Vladimir Veselov managed to convince 33% of the jury members that they were instant messaging with a 13-year-old boy called Eugene, instead […]

Hack the Brain – The Day After


After a good night’s sleep in my own bed the Hack the Brain hackathon is clearly over. Words like ‘inspiring’, ‘fascinating’, ‘mind-blowing’ or some other tags that TED seems to add to every single one of their talks, definitely come to mind. In this post I’ll explain more about the project our team has made […]

Cyborgs – Past, Present and Future


The age of the cyborg We seem to be done with RoboCop, Replicants, and the Borg from the Star Trek universe. The cyborg as seen by the general public is no longer merely a science fiction staple. Bionic limbs, artificial eyes and brain-computer interaction research crowds the news. We are in the age of the […]

Hack the Brain hackathon

Hack the Brain hackathon

This weekend I will be joining the Hack the Brain hackathon, organized by Waag Society, Donders Institute, TNO and Total Active Media. During three days 45 programmers, designers, artists and scientists will try to hack the human brain in the centre of Amsterdam. During the hackathon several EEG scanners, including the Emotiv EPOC will be […]

The Extended Mind


When I first read the famous paper “The Extended Mind” by Andy Clark and David Chalmers several years ago, I was quite fascinated by it. It describes some simple thought experiments to cleverly cast doubt on our common intuition that our cognitive processes take place only within our heads. Instead, it suggests that our mental […]